Business Support

Business Support in Yorkshire is available in many different locations in Yorkshire including:

  • Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre (BBIC) Wilthorpe, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Longfields Court, Carlton, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • The Civic, Town Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Digital Media Centre, Town Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre (BBIC) Cudworth, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Mount Osbourne Business Centre, Mount Osbourne, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Thurnscoe Business Centre, Thurnscoe, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Acorn Centre, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, Yorkshire

Without support many businesses fail.

So what is business support?
Business support is whatever you need to help you run your business, it can consists of many different aspects of running a business from Management Accounts to Research and Development. The individual should be qualified and experienced to advise you in business and should preferably hold a recognised Business Coaching qualified such as SFEDI accreditation. Experience goes a long way too though after all I wouldn’t want someone helping me run my business if they did not have experience of being in business themselves, would you?

Why business support in Yorkshire?
Yorkshire is a fantastic place to run a business from. There is a wealth of affordable office space and business support is provided. Lots of businesses can be located anyway thanks to the internet so why would you locate your business in an expensive geographical location? What’s more, Yorkshire is a friendly and down to earth place to live too. That is why business owners and their families relocate to Yorkshire to enjoy the benefits.

Why small business owners need business support in Yorkshire

You can buy books or go to business events that cover business mentoring but when you need support you need it now right? A book on the subject is fantastic but it is only a reference point, you can only attempt to apply it to your situation and this isn’t always completely useful. Business events are useful but you have to wait for the date they land on so they aren’t always convenient. Sometimes you have a question that just cannot wait and this is when “as and when required” business mentoring is needed. Many of the enterprise hubs in Yorkshire provide free, drop in help which is fantastic and very useful to the small business owner.