Starting a Business is Hard – You Need to Stay Motivated

Like any worthy goal, being successful when you start your own business online requires motivation. Motivation is a main ingredient that is missing from those who FAIL when they start a business online.

We all feel that initial rush of excitement when you start a business you’ve been thinking about and dreaming about. Remember that endless amount of energy you had? Remember the sleepless nights because your mind was moving from idea – to good idea – to great idea – to getting out of bed to write down the super-duper idea? Yes, you can tell I’ve been there too.

Then one day the bubble bursts and you hit “the wall”, or you don’t get the results you expected, or maybe you’re not getting the support from family or friends that you thought you’d get or that you need. You’ve lost the energy and enthusiasm you had and you start to think “negative” thoughts wondering why you’re starting your own small business anyway. You’ve lost your “reason” to start a business.

We have all “hit the wall” and had to jump hurdles that suddenly show up unexpected or unplanned. The difference between FAILING at your business OR becoming a SUCCESS will depend on what you do when you come to those hurdles involved in starting a business.

Pick yourself up and put into practice these 5 steps and keep yourself motivated.

Step One: Seek out successful entrepreneurs and learn their stories. You’ll find (as I did) that there are many different ways to have a successful small business. When you start a business, your business will require its own special situations and planning. However, you will gain a lot of knowledge and learn from other businesses mistakes saving your business from costly errors.

It also helps to know that other businesses have gone through the same (or similar) problems but take special note of what the business person DID AFTER the problem. That’s the “golden nugget” of how your business can be a success too.

Step Two: Keep Focused on Your Goal

Write down your main objective goal. Do NOT write down “become a millionaire”. This is the real world you know and you don’t fool anyone (especially yourself) if you set yourself up for failure. Your subconscious even knows better and you will also lose motivation fast when you see that your goal is not realized right away.

Sure there are those fantastic “GOT rich quick” stories but they are few and far between. Your initial financial goal when you start a business should be on the low side so you are not disappointed. This first goal is set low so it can be easily attained. I call these SMART goals. Set goals for your business that are; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and set Time tables of when you want specific goals achieved. Then when you do reach your goal, your motivation increases. With each small goal you reach, your confidence in your ability to reach your goals is realized. Now you “know” you can do it!

Example of Smart Goals:

Week 1 – Learn all you can in week one by buying a good informative eBook on how to start a business online. Watch videos and read articles from other businesses in your niche. There are so many “how to” internet marketing eBooks online you will be amazed and confused as to which one to buy. You can usually tell by what the eBook is teaching and what you need to learn. The best eBook would include step-by-step directions by Video. More people learn faster by learning from Video than by reading a written eBook. The3 best eBooks give you both (video and written) to serve all preferences. You’ll find the best eBook I recommend in a link below.

Week 2 – If you didn’t follow through with week #1, then go back and complete it. Going forward will do you no good and will only make you frustrated and confused with information overload. Believe me, I’ve been there. Information overload is a motivation killer so don’t mess with it. Take your goal steps one at a time.

If you have completed week #1, your next goal step could be something like studying all you can about keyword research. There are many tools online and the best one to start with is Free – it’s called Google AdWords Tool. Just Google it and then start searching for your niche keyword phrases.

There are too many small steps you need to take so to get direction on where to start, I suggest you join an internet marketing membership site. Find someone you can definitely trust with customer service on internet marketing information and personal instruction! Check out the links below for more information.

Step 3 – Keep Motivated by Networking with other online marketers in Forums.

Isolation is NOT good. Sure you want to work at home BUT it’s so important to keep your mind stimulated with conversation. Even if it’s only online conversation, you a least feel connected to the human race. You don’t feel all alone and it will amaze you how much you will learn by networking with those who have the same like minded interests.

Join forums where there are newbies to experienced marketers and where business marketers are eager to help you. It should also be monitored by an experienced internet marketer. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, or having a problem, get online and tell someone. You will get all kinds of help out there. You will also get suggestions on how to solve your problem or tips on whatever is hanging you up. It’s a great place to network! Check the resource link below for a forum I recommend.

Step 4 – Just Do It!

Do not allow yourself to dwell on the fear of failure. Fear is not of God. That leaves, you know who, so don’t give the devil any power over your thoughts. You can do anything you desire. Isn’t that what it’s all about, “your desire”. Only you can decide if you “really” want to start a business. Ask yourself these questions. Do you really “desire” to have your own business online? Do you really “see” yourself dedicated and working at home “everyday”. Would you put just as much (or more) effort in your work day that you would if you worked for someone else? Do you “know for yourself” that you can start your own business by dedication and hard work?

It’s very important that you do not allow yourself negative thoughts because thoughts can become actions. It’s a truism that if you think you are going to FAIL, chances are you will FAIL. It’s also a truism that you have the power over your own thoughts – so why not control what you are thinking. I love the saying “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. Immerse yourself in good books and seek only optimistic people to surround yourself with.

Step 5 – Keep Focused on Your Goal!

Does this goal step sound familiar? Well, it’s worth repeating because too many people who start a business online quit too soon. They may have set their goals too high or let themselves think negatively.

Go over your “written” goal objective over and over until you have it memorized. You may choose to improve upon it but always keep your main goal objective in you mind. As time goes on, you will find others you can rely on in Forums so if you feel yourself getting down and losing motivation, take action.

I’ve found that if I only get one article completed in a day, I don’t beat myself up, instead I tell myself that I am still going “forward” toward my goal objective. Every “baby step” counts and every thing you do is a learning experience that will help you move forward toward the success you desire.

YOU CAN DO IT – the only question is, Do you really want to start your own business online?

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